Michael Maguire Designer Technology Educator Freelance Artist Digital Silkscreen Branding

Michael is a typographer, branding designer, and silkscreen-artist. Artists that influence Michael’s personal work include Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns. His branding and design work is inspired by great American corporate branding (read: Martha Stewart / Coca-Cola) and street wear lines (read: Print Liberation / Seibei). Michael has studied fashion and fine art silkscreening under master print-makers Marie Dormuth and Michael Kirk at Parsons School of Design. He has also studied branding and visual story telling under Cecilia Dean and Greg Foley of V Magazine and Visionaire. Although he graduated from Parsons with a BFA in Communication Design and Technology, he has studied art, design, and/or technology at Boston University’s College of Fine Arts, The Fashion Institute of Technology, The School of Visual Arts, and New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Michael started a silkscreened-textile and art company and clothing line, Boobies & Co. / A Brave Blue World. He has also worked on many freelance branding, web, and design projects for clients, ranging in size and industry, from local doctors and lawyers to international music and visual artists to corporate clients, such as HP. Michael’s artistic philosophy has changed many times over the years, but most recently, it has come down to his mantra: “Make stuff. Have fun.” Michael hopes to make the world a happier, more beautiful place, with each well-kerned word, beautifully simple website, or silly t-shirt he creates.